About 30 Minutes Guarantee

“30 Minutes Guarantee“ means that the delivery time is no more than 30 minutes starting from the time your order is accepted until the food is delivered to you or named consignees. If delayed, we will provide you a free food voucher (digital or paper as appropriate), and the detailed rules for using the voucher are displayed in the voucher. If you choose phone number privacy protection on third party ordering platforms, you may not get the digital voucher when delivery time exceeds 30 minutes. Please call 4008517517 for manual arrangement. “30 Minutes Guarantee” is not applicable to certain McDonald’s McDelivery stores on third party platforms. Please take store billboard as the standard. Your order will be delivered to you over 30 minutes on the conditions that order amount is greater or equal to RMB300 or there is a force majeure such as bad weather etc. For McDonald’s McDelivery delivery details, please visit www.4008-517-517.cn.