Reminder: Below content will be FAQ for your reference. Please call McDelivery service hotline on 4008-517-517 for help if you have unsolved questions.

What about the business hours for McDelivery Online Ordering Service?

We are open for online ordering 24 hours a day.

Is there any charge for delivery?

Like placing an order by phone, as long as your delivery address is within the range of our delivery service, and regardless of the actual spending and distance, we will charge RMB9.00 for each order delivered.

Do you require the minimum order for online ordering?

There is no minimum order required for online ordering, and gratuities declined.

What is 30 minutes guarantee, and how to deal with it if delivery time exceeds 30 minutes?

“30 Minutes Guarantee” means that the delivery time is no more than 30 minutes starting from the time your order is accepted until the food is delivered to you or named consignees. If delayed, we will provide you a free food voucher (digital or paper as appropriate), and the detailed rules for using the voucher are displayed in the voucher. If you choose phone number privacy protection on third party ordering platforms, you may not get the digital voucher when delivery time exceeds 30 minutes. Please call 4008517517 for manual arrangement. “30 Minutes Guarantee” is not applicable to certain McDonald’s McDelivery stores on third party platforms. Please take store billboard as the standard. Your order will be delivered to you over 30 minutes on the conditions that order amount is greater or equal to RMB300 or there is a force majeure such as bad weather etc. For McDonald’s McDelivery delivery details, please visit www.4008-517-517.cn.

What types of information are needed for online ordering?

When you log in for ordering as a first-time user, we would like you to complete the registration by correctly filling out your particular information such as email address, delivery address and contact phone numbers etc.

Would my personal information submitted online be possibly disclosed?

Please rest assured, your personal data and privacy are fully respected and kept confidential by us. Please refer to our privacy policy to get the details.

What about forgetting my password?

Please click [Forget Password] on the login page, and your login password will be sent to your email box. Please keep it safe.

Does McDelivery Online Ordering Service offer delivery service to all addresses?

To assure the quality of the food products, each of McDelivery stores has a limited range of order delivery. Your order may be undeliverable if your delivery address is out of our service range, so that your kind understanding is appreciated.

How to fill out the correct delivery address as required?

Please fill out your delivery address as instructed as follows:

Delivery Site: You may specify the types of the site for your current order, such as residence or office etc., which will make it easier for you to select the address next time when you place the order.

City: You may find the city of your locality in the pull-down box. If not found, it means that the online ordering service is not currently available in that city. Please call 4008-51-517 for inquiry.

Detailed Address: Please enter the detailed delivery address in the blank box, or enter a keyword, then click the desired address among those listed in the pull-down box.

Remark: In the remark box, you may fill out supplementary information particular to your delivery address.

Why does the Webpage show that my delivery address is not within your delivery range?

Possibly due to following reasons:

a. Your delivery address is indeed beyond our delivery range, causing your order undeliverable;

b. The input of the delivery address contains errors.
You are advised to enter the keyword again, and then search for your address in the pull-down box.
Please verify if your address so entered contains the following errors: incomplete address, wrong space and typos etc. If still unsuccessful after you have tried the foregoing, please call 4008-517-517 for help. Please understand that we might change our delivery range occasionally.

I placed an order by phone in the past, which was delivered to my home address. Why does the Website show that my address is out of the delivery range?

Please check and see if your delivery address is indeed out of the delivery range, causing the order undeliverable, or verify again if you have entered the correct address as required. If no errors found therein, please call 4008-517-517 for assistance. Please understand that we might change our delivery range occasionally.

May I enter my delivery address in English or Traditional Chinese or Pinyin?

Sorry, please enter your address in simplified Chinese only.

What is your delivery range and how to determine it?

We normally use your delivery address so as to determine if you are located within our delivery range. Due to the complexity of the city's address framework in our country, errors might be generated in the System while processing your address. In case of any questions, please call 4008-517-517 for inquiry.

How to order from the Menu Page?

While browsing the online Menu, you may click to choose your favourite food items, and click [ADD] after your entry of the quantities (pieces). Particulars of your order and sum thereof will be displayed in the box [My Order] in the right side of the Page. You may cancel the order by clicking [Remove] or place the order by clicking [CHECKOUT].

Why some of food items unavailable for online ordering while the same being supplied at McDonald's restaurants?

To assure the quality of the products, several of the products sold at McDonald's restaurants are not available for delivery at this point of time. Your kind understanding is appreciated.

How do I know I have completed the online ordering after submitting my order successfully?

Upon successful submission of your online order, the Page will acknowledge as soonest as possible that the order so submitted has been completed. You may also find in [Track Order] the information on your order and delivery progress.

Why I haven't received your confirmation letter even though it is shown that I have successfully completed my online ordering?

Upon completion of your online ordering, our system will automatically send a confirmation letter to your registered email address, confirming information on your order.

However, the problem you encountered may possibly attribute to the following causes:

1. For certain dates such as holidays, the mobile communication networks or internet routes would be congested, causing omission for or delay in message sending and receiving;

2. You are using a free mail box, our confirmation letter may be treated sometimes by default as a spam mail and hence be blocked;

3. Sometimes your email box is full due to lack of sufficient capacity, hence causing rejection to the incoming mails;

4. Other unpredictable failures caused by the networks and communications. Due to the aforesaid, you are advised to print or save your order information for reference immediately after completion of your online ordering.

Still need help?
Please contact our McDelivery Call Centre at 4008-517-517.

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